Monday, 27 September 2010

For me it all started on the 24th of October 1947when i was dragged kicking struggling and fighting for air from my mothers pain racked body. (Rather like a drunken teenager being thrown out of a nightclub on a saturday night.) I was held upside down and slapped.I screamed opened my eyes and was blinded by the light(in much the same way that mannfred manns earth band were to be some twenty odd years later).
I had arrived and i hit the ground running, running way to fast as it turned out because i've suddenly found my self here, a nearly 63 year old retired puplican, postman, milkman, factory worker and for a brief moment a wharehouse man. i move very slowly these days in an attempt to save what little time i have left ,also i now have a pain racked body , Rather like the one my poor mother had back in 1947 but not in the same places. My intention is to fill in the gap between then and now and hopefully keep myself and anybody else who maybe out there amused.

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