Monday, 18 April 2011

Yes it's true I had discovered the new first adventure in the Americas was undertaken with my friend little Mick , so called because he is small and his name is Mick. I spent hours when I should have been tending my ballbering making machines studying a map of America. We were to launch ourselves on a fly drive and I worked out a route which would take us I estimated three weeks. I had no idea what I was doing but it turned out alright on the night. We flew into San Fransisco with a hire car and the first night at the Ibis hotel booked and after that we were on our own. We drove through Yosimite national park down through Bakersfield and out toward Las Vagas. In need of refreshment we stopped at a wayside diner in a small place called Baker which to this day is still the hottest place I've ever been. Air-conditioned cars are great but when you've sat in a dinner for an hour the car can get really hot waiting for your return.we drove on to Vagas ,bright lights big city kind of sums it up. Having lost everything we had gambling we set off on the road again. ( obviously that part wasn't true but not being much of a gambler I only had a couple of goes on the fruit machines which really isn't a good story . So I lied) . We resumed our journey off to the grand canyon, still the only sight I have ever seen that liturialy took my breath away. I was expecting a big hole in the ground I was not expecting what I got. If you ever get the chance don't turn it down. From there it was on to Phenix Arizona where they told us it never rainned It absolutely pissed down. San diago and sea world were our next venue and then up to LA. Such a lot to see and do in LA Disney land obviously and universal studios. I'm sure we were seen at universal and that was where they got the idea for the film Twins. You no short funny looking guy and tall well proportioned muscular guy. Ok they used some poetic licence on the short funny looking one. We did all the tourist things and then back up to San Fransisco where I was to buy my first Buddah statue. The drive up through Carmal and Monteray is brilliant by the way. So you see Columbus may have been the first but I bet he didn't see as much or travel as far as my good buddy Little Mick and I did.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

So there I was 30something and back living with my parents. Same bedroom,same bed. The only difference I was now allowed to take girls back to my room. The only problem was finding girls willing to come back to my room. The next few years where filled with all kinds of nonsense . I spent a whole football season following Manchester United all over the country(they used to loose the odd game in those days). I got into CB radio for a time . My handle was diceman after a book I had just read. Apparently the iceman got very upset, he kept getting hold of my good buddies by mistake. My good buddies were all idiots.I took my first trip abroad to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, we went to the hienekin brewery and it was full up ,the vangogh museum and it was shut,the only place available was the red light district(and I do mean available). I have to say it was interesting but I'm afraid I have no exciting tale to tell. To shy and way to scarred and I suppose it's not really my thing. I had a spell of night clubbing but I was already beginning to feel to old for that nonsense . After my Dutch experience I tried Spain and then discovered America. I know you thought Christopher Culombus did that well you were wrong. I fell in love with America .