Tuesday, 8 February 2011

So there I was 30something and back living with my parents. Same bedroom,same bed. The only difference I was now allowed to take girls back to my room. The only problem was finding girls willing to come back to my room. The next few years where filled with all kinds of nonsense . I spent a whole football season following Manchester United all over the country(they used to loose the odd game in those days). I got into CB radio for a time . My handle was diceman after a book I had just read. Apparently the iceman got very upset, he kept getting hold of my good buddies by mistake. My good buddies were all idiots.I took my first trip abroad to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, we went to the hienekin brewery and it was full up ,the vangogh museum and it was shut,the only place available was the red light district(and I do mean available). I have to say it was interesting but I'm afraid I have no exciting tale to tell. To shy and way to scarred and I suppose it's not really my thing. I had a spell of night clubbing but I was already beginning to feel to old for that nonsense . After my Dutch experience I tried Spain and then discovered America. I know you thought Christopher Culombus did that well you were wrong. I fell in love with America .